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Too Good To Be True. Channel 5 Tonight

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smurfchops | 23:12 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Too ridiculous to be true.  Who writes this trash?



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Why? What was it about?

Daniel Lyon

He played Joe Ashworth in Vera

It had potential but honestly, why would you even go inside a house if no one answered the door? I might give it one more episode but  I suspect it will only get worse!

I read a review that compared it to 'Fool me once' - a thriller we enjoyed - so I'd made of note of it.  I'm a bit disappointed now but I might still give it a try - just in case.

Daniel Lyon? Or David Leon?

eitherway they're not in Too Good to be True

The question was who wrote it, not acted in it

Question Author

This always happens.  Watch 4 episodes of a drama and at the end we say "What a load of rubbish that was".  Well not always .. loved Happy Valley.  

Same with the ending last night of 'After The Flood' - did the husband and wife report the corrupt cop (with serious implications for them) or not? 

Oh no, not a second series....

Does anyone remember Bouquet of Barbed Wire?

I remember Susan Penhaligon :)

Ah OK - in answer to who wrote this trash? It was David Leon. 

I'll give it another go this evening and then decide about the rest but it is mercifully short at 4 episodes. 

I watched the first episode and wasn't at all disappointed.  I look forward to seeing the rest.

Question Author

I loved Bouquet of Barbed Wire.  So long ago ...

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Too Good To Be True. Channel 5 Tonight

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