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Fool Me Once - Netflix

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naomi24 | 11:48 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Not a bad thriller - with a big surprise ending.  We enjoyed it.



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I'd love to watch it but I'm too tight to pay for Netflix

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Thanks LiK - I missed those.  Great ending wasn't it?  Really unexpected.


Barry, you're missing a lot.  Netflix isn't expensive.

Barry buy just one month's worth and watch it 24/7 that way you'll be well satisfied I would think.

It was great & as I mentioned on one of those threads, I thought the "after-the-end-end" was tied-up nicely.

I enjoyed it and did not expect the ending, which I like. I hate it when I've worked it out.

I enjoyed it, expecially the ending.

Apparently it has enhnaced the career of Michelle Keegan in America, and she is off to film a new series there.

Barry, do what I do either get it on youTube or

It's also been confirmed there will be a second season of Ten Pound Poms

Barry, if you know someone who is on Netflix, they can add you for £4.99 a month.

My daughter has it, so I set up a standing order to pay it into her bank each month. You can then get it on 2 devices, and it's half the price.

I don't know anyone with Netflix, Barsel - and I could never ask them if I did.  I thought Netflix was closing that system. 

Barry take the 1month free trial then cancel 😁

Barry, There is a way for people who are on Netflix, to put others on it for free, but Netflix are clamping down on it and they've come up with letting people go on it for an extra £4.99 a month.

I understand what you mean about not asking anyone if you can do that, as I would only ask my daughter and not a neighbour or someone I didn't know well.

Giggsie, I think they stopped the one month free trial a long time ago.  I haven't seen it for ages 

I enjoyed it too.  If you search on Netflix there are a few other Harlen Corben dramatisations.  I've not gone through them all yet, but there is another one with Richard Armitage in whose title I do not recall but was quite good.

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Fool Me Once - Netflix

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