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Best Gritty Television Series Ever

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naomi24 | 19:28 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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24, House, Breaking Bad,  Peaky Blinders ..... something else?



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Line of Duty

Question Author

Forgot Line of Duty.


Question Author

Stranger Things.  Not sure that can be described as 'gritty' but I loved it.

The Wire

Breaking Bad


Dixon of Dock Green .............joking of course!

Wire in the Blood.  I mainly watch British dramas, never US, occasional Australian and Scandi

The Americans 

I'm looking forward to the new series of Trigger Point

Prime Suspect ?


I agree with Prime Suspect.

Question Author

Did anyone like 24?  What a guy that Jack Bauer was.  Kidnapped by the Chinese, beaten and tortured for years, and two hours after being released saves the world - again!  Loved it!

I love all Australian films and series, prefer them to most other ps.

OH says The Expanse, I've never watched it. Loved breaking bad and happy valley.

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Breaking Bad was superb ... and Better Call Saul.

I don't generally like US films and TV dramas, but have to admit Breakinf Bad had everything going for it,

Better call Saul bored me to bits, I felt it just rode on the back of breaking bad.

Breaking Bad was superb ... and Better Call Saul.

Totally agree Naomi, and also loved stranger things.
Most of my Vewing is Horror (Not so much gore) bump in the night stuff. Like Supernatural  fifteen series, says it all really.

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Best Gritty Television Series Ever

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