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Call The Midwife

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chessington | 17:53 Fri 12th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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so pleased it is back, love the programme, anyone else love it?



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'er indoors does 

We very much enjoy it - we spotted our old cups in last week's episode. 

It captures the period almost perfectly.  

Never seen it...Miranda Hart was in the first ones, and she's a no-no in this house!

Last week is the first one I didn't watch, but I will watch this weeks episode 

Last week's was very good, I was pleasantly surprised because of Rosie Jones but she played a good part without screeching 

I used to watch it religiously...but it started to get a bit samey for me a few years ago. And then I fell in love with Great Pottery Throw Down. 

I wish it had never been born.  I Absolutely hate it . But the misses loves it so I  have no choice but to have it on .🙄

That's what I said 

Can't you do something else whilst your wives are watching TV?

Increasingly spoiled by the overladling of intrusive music, horribly syrupy in this case.   Happening more and more in all sorts of programmes - worst example recently was the new series of Planet Earth.


Stop it!!

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Call The Midwife

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