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Elvis Presley...

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piggynose | 12:17 Tue 09th Jan 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Was killed by the mafia, according to somebody close to him!




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I thought he killed himself through stuffing his face and drugs! 

Have you considered the reason he was taking drugs or why he ate

....and there is a statue on Mars! Perlease!

I can't imagine they'd bother since he wasn't doing himself any favours, and all they'd need to do is wait.

I don't think it means the actual Mafia, just his own entourrage.

the memphis mafia were his circle of 'friends' all of which were on the take

Question Author

MM, McDonald's, no it was Memphis Mafia that killed him! 

The Memphis Mafia would have never killed their golden goose.

But as with all major events, there are conspiracy theories - that Elvis is still alive is one of the most popular, bur there is plenty of evidence that Elvis died from the long-term effects of massive drugs intake, combined with a horrific diet, bad lifestyle  and a genetic predisposition to heart problems. 

It wos the Hamburglar wot dun it.

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Elvis Presley...

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