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Call The Midwife

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hellywelly4 | 17:33 Tue 26th Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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It's probably just me but I felt that CTM has really gone off. I endured it rather than enjoyed it. Don't know what it was but I didn't enjoy it very much at all. Anyone else feel like me?



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Haven't watched it yet, I'll let you know.

I was amused that nobody was smoking in the pub and Helen wasn't drinking any alcohol at all in All Creatures.  

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I've never watched that Barry apart from the first episode. I kept comparing it to the original series. 

Samuel West is a joy to watch 

I don't watch it now, they have taken a very good programmed and flogged it to death over the years. Should always end on a high. L

I used to really enjoy it at Christmas, watching with my mum, when it was based on Jenny Lee's memoirs. 

I watched an episode of the later ones some years ago, but they turned into a soap. I don't bother now. 

I enjoyed it, the mention of the space race and the fertility drug, the bombastic behaviour of the consultant.

Nice to see Kulvinder Ghir play a straight role.

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Call The Midwife

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