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King Charles Iii - Coronation Year Review

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DTCwordfan | 20:37 Tue 26th Dec 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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What a lovely programme, so researched, detailed and with lots of insights and humour - so touching from a family perspective....Prince Anne in her element.

And, even better, no American based Dukes or Duchesses or dodgy Princes in sight, so far.   

I'll give the Beeb some credit for this progamme.

Views.....though I suspect there will be some right royal anointing on here....?





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I know that we've got already got a Princess Michael but now, it seems from your post, we've got a Prince Anne too! 

Gender fluidity gets everywhere these days!

Question Author

Lol - wokeism rules...she's got bigger balls than many in the royal family.

Where can I find this?

Thanks Chris x

Watching now. :0))

It's lovely to see behind the scenes when it's done well. Great to see everyone in good humour and the obvious affection between them.

Question Author

agree - and natural too.....

The fat fingers of the king.  I now find I'm sometimes hitting "o" when I intended "I".

What is it that the king suffers from and should I be worried as I seem to be suffering from the same affliction?

Very much enjoyed!

Question Author

sandy, it's known as the Royal Trigger Finger thoughts as to your condition....

Dactylitis  - Sausage fingers - can be caused by auto immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis,or it could be nothing to worry about. Might be an idea to get checked out by the Dr. King Charles made a joke about his sausage fingers in the programme when he needed help to do his cloak up.

The current Royal Family are far less reserved under King Charles than when under the late Queen.

Charles has a good sense of humour and Camilla quite often greets people with a handshake and a kiss.

People quite often touch them on the arm or back which was a no-no with the late Queen.

I enjoyed the programme, it was lovely to see the humour exchanged between members of the family and even the Archbishop?? joined in the fun.

All very true Barsel.  

Camilla having tea with Olivia ,a seven years old blind girl who sadly also has a brain tumour.. Olivia sang in the choir at the King's Christmas speech. Camilla heard about Olivia and promptly invited  the family to a special tea. I don't know whether you have seen it but it was lovely. 

Camilla has certainly now brought out the best in Charles.  Than,k goodness his first wife never became Queen!   It was always just about her.  We now have a Queen we can respect.

Yes, we saw the royals in a different light. Amazing planning, and those crowns and jewels...!!

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King Charles Iii - Coronation Year Review

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