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Strictly Tonight

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Vagus | 17:44 Sat 07th Oct 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Well, I know some here think it's the worst programme on tv but I like it and am looking forward to tonight's offering.

Anyone else a fan? 



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No, not a fan any more Vagus but hope you enjoy it - thousands do.

i like to see non dancers as they improve ,there are to many stars with dance experience now x

I am a fan and I'll probably watch but I'm not keen on same sex pairing.  

yes, I am and looking forward to tonight's show especially now that the worst 'dancer' has been voted off.  Although I haven't been a fan of same sex dancers in the past - Nicola Adams and Katya-John Waite and Johannes-Jayde Adams and Karen - I think Layton and Nikita are terrific and really looking forward to their performance later.

I like the music and the colour.  It cheers  me up.  I've always enjoyed dance too.  I used to be a good dancer.  My parents were great dancers and my uncles formed a dance band, so dancing was a big part of my growing up life.  And I admit to being a great disco dancer, having such flexible joints  ;0).  I think the two guys were incredible last week.  

Wasn't much of a fun when it was normal dancing. Past it's sell by date now though.

They seem to be sharing an audience with The X Factor.

Haven't watched x factor for years!

Angela Rippon's ballet training shows!  Beautiful!  

What is  normal dancing  OG?  Much more character and feeling in the dancing now.   

Probably douglas' point, countryl

Normal dancing is one woman and one man.

I like Angela Scanlon but wish she would comment on her past as professional Irish dancer and champion before she took up media studies, none of the judges have mentioned it when they laud her 

I start with the music and the singing, live, which is almost always great. Then the professional dancers, who are impressive (especially the women 😉). And then on top of that there is are the slebs, which are ostensibly what the program is about, which are hit and miss. But the first two components make it worthwhile. And that's without the judges, and Tess and Claudia ... 

Yes, I watched tonight and enjoyed it. The celebrities are really pulling out all the stops. It was great entertainment. I have no idea who will win.

There were so many high-scoring couples tonight. Difficult to know who to vote for.......

I enjoyed tonight.  Now watching Madness.

I agree OG  ballroom dancing traditionally one woman one man, but Simply isn't just Ballroom Dancing.  



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Strictly Tonight

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