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Jeremy Paxman Or Amol Rajan?

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DTCwordfan | 12:12 Sat 22nd Jul 2023 | Film, Media & TV
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Uni Challenge is back on a new set a well as with Amol Rajan hosting.

I prefer Jeremy, not because of familiarity, but Anol seriously needs to slow the delivery of his questions down a notch or three. I also felt that the new programme lacked the 'warmth' of the previous series.....maybe that will emerge.

Your views?


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Jeremy had had his day. He was on the verge of incoherence with much mumbling. I liked Amol and thought he brought a bit of vitality whilst shaking off a bit of the fuddy-duddy Oxbridge image.
I was rather dreading it, but thought it was okay. At least Rajan speeded things up, though not keen on him reading the questions from a strangely-shaped computer. He'll no doubt settle into it after a while.
The producer should definitely introduce a 'no hats' rule.
Give Amol time, I'm sure he'll settle in. Jeremy couldn't carry on, the parkinsons was taking it's toll on him.
His head just about managed to be seen over the desk. He needs a higher chair but does that mean his feet wouldn't touch the floor? I like him but he looked ridiculous.
I must confess I wasn't looking forward to it, but was pleasantly surprised. He was encouraging to the contestants too, so fingers crossed he will settle in and be ok.
I thought he spoke too quickly, but thought it was nerves. He hardly gave some of the teams the time to finish their answer before going on to the next.
Jeremy did a brilliant job for many years, but it was time to go. Amol is ambitious and a likeable guy. I could only level a few criticisms after the first show.
1. Slow down your rate of delivery.
2. Change the hideous screen cowling on the desk and change it for a sunken variety similar to the newsreaders type. It irritated my eyeline.
3. Don't be so chummy with students.

Otherwise good start.
I thought the chumminess was rather refreshing. Gascoigne and Paxman had a rather condescending old farts ‘lecturers’ tone which was outmoded.
Yes ... Good starter for ten

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Jeremy Paxman Or Amol Rajan?

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