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What Is Your Favourite Tv Series/Show To Watch?

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Xeronema | 15:57 Mon 19th Dec 2022 | Film, Media & TV
72 Answers
Currently, I'm watching through Star Trek - The Next Generation.

I don't have a favourite, there are far too many to pick, so here is a list of some of my favourites:

A Bit Of Fry & Laurie, Black Adder (all seasons), Black Books, Bugs, Dad's Army, Dinnerladies, Father Ted, Inside No. 9, IT Crowd, Key & Peele, Line of Duty, Lucifer, Men Behaving Badly, Miranda Hart, Mongrels, Mrs Brown's Boys, Murder In Successville, NCIS (including NCIS Los Angeles), Not Going Out, Peter Kay's Car Share, Police Squad!, Porridge, Prison Break, Red Dwarf, Scorpion, Scrubs, Star Trek (TNG, Voyager), The Royle Family, Thin Blue Line, White Collar, Whose Line Is It Anyway and Would I Lie To You.

Those are just a few :)


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Stargate Atlantis

I loved the story and the humour.
Only Fools and Horses
Currently watching series 2 of Slow Horses.

I have watched far too many series to mention but some of my favs are; Line Of Duty, The Shadow Line, Happy Valley, Marcella, Breaking Bad, The Last Kingdom & Bosch.
Not Going out is quite good too
Question Author
Oh gawd how did I miss those two off my list?!

I watched all of SG1 and ATL this year, I thoroughly enjoyed both. I just couldn't get into Stargate Universe.

Only Fools and Horses is a classic :)
Question Author
Ken, I wish they were making another series of Line Of Duty. I'm not sure if they could stretch out another series to find 'H' though.
Stargate Universe was too dark, serious and devoid of humour.
Xero, you was doing well and then, oh no! Mrs Brown's Boys.
Question Author
lol Barry, I can only take a small amount of MBB. I think I'm more fascinated by the fact that a lot of the cast are related to each other. Mrs Brown is actually married to her daughter (Cathy) and Buster is Mrs Brown's son.

I do have a thing for the Irish accent too ;)
I know they are mostly related. Winnie is his sister. Apparently non-family members of the cast aren't treated so well
Question Author
Wow, I didn't know Winnie was his sister - you learn something new every day, it seems.
Granddad isn't related but used to be Mrs Brown's real life window cleaner
'The Fast Show', 'Harry & Paul' and from USA in the 50s, 'What's My Line?' all watched late at night on YouTubes.
all star trek, all stargate, severance, foundation, the orville, the expanse, lost in space, walking dead universe, twilight zone b/w version, outer limits b.w, night gallery, odd couple, honeymooners
all in the family.
Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing, dinnerladies, Only Fools, Strike, Car Share, Line of Duty
Question Author
Fender, I binge-watched all The Expanse in just over 72 hours last month. I found it a little slow a first. A friend categorised it as 'harder sci-fi'. I was a little sad that they didn't continue with it, especially given how much content they were left with.
Line of Duty, Luther, Peaky Blinders (but not the last series), Cracker, Morse, Endeavour, Outnumbered, Scarborough, Father Ted, Corrie, Doc Martin, Happy Valley, Prime Suspect, Silent Witness, Vera, Shetland, the daftness that is Benidorm, Motherland, Mandy
Question Author
The Bill and Heartbeat (although I haven't seen either in a long time so I don't know if I'd still enjoy them). Oh another is, Watching. For years I couldn't remember the name of the show - I found it by searching for 'TV series where someone rides a motorbike and sidecar'.
We loved Watching - what'll I do if you are far away, and I am blue, what'll I do?
Finely written with great characters. We have every episode on DVD
We also loved The Bill (until it got silly and Reg went mad), London's Burning, Heartbeat - there doesn't seem to be any similar long running series now

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