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The Traitors

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carolegif | 22:57 Fri 16th Dec 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Surely, a traitor has to win. If both traitors are voted off in the banishment, and more than one faithful is left, who would get the prize money?


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The Winkleperson takes all.
I thought that was Jimmy Tarbuck?
Traitors can recruit every night there are fewer than three of them... so if traitor gets voted off next episode then the last remaining one will recruit...

aside from being the logical thing to do you can bet production will lean on them to do that because without traitors there is erm no show...

it must surely be possible for faithfuls to win but i am not sure of the details... certainly the traitors have every advantage it seems!!
I haven't seen it but my friend, who said normally like shows like this, is enjoying it. Might see if it's all on catch up.
Half of them are actors! I’ve never seen so much unnecessary emotion, ever. And I watch Eastenders!
**normally 'doesn't' like shows......
If the Faithfuls successfully banish all the Traitors before the end of the game, the remaining Faithfuls are the winners and walk away with the prize money. If, however, there are any Traitors remaining at the end of the game, the remaining Traitor(s) will win and take it all.
If the traitors had all been discovered over the first three nights it would have been a very short series with a very small prize per person
Fantastic ending, Wilf seems such a nice guy. I didn't expect to enjoy this series, I don't like Big Brother or the jungle thing but I was hooked from the start. Claudia Twinkletoes was good, too.
I watched it in the end and couldn't wait for the final. It was really good.
I doubt the second series will be as good

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The Traitors

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