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Hamza Has Had Dance Experience, Despite Claims To The Contrary

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Theblip | 08:39 Sat 17th Dec 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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I don't care who wins tonight, as long as it's not him. How The Lumbering Lump scores so highly is an enduring mystery - Shirley Ballas seems to be in love with him - either that or he has compromising info on her that he's been threatening to expose. He could walk out onto the dance floor, drop his trousers, void his bowels, walk off and she would still give him a 10.

Thank goodness the judges' scores tonight are of no consequence.
Quite I don't dislike him but how is it he has never seemingly lost weight ?
Hamza has lost two stone.
Has he, wow I never noticed ?
That much weight loss is not so noticeable because he is a very big chap. You are also seeing him at least once a week, maybe if you look at him in week 1 you will see a difference
I did think he looked slimmer last week.
He seems a really nice chap, I’d be happy if he won.
He will win. There must be some hidden agenda. Even wthe first time he danced he was exhalted bythe judges. What a travesty.
Every year there are claims that it's a fix, there is an agenda.
So would I Vagus. He's a natural born dancer who feels the music and it shows. Some people just are. And he's so humble and nice. I can't take to Fleur at all.
Helen for me.
I like Fleur. I think she is one of the most beautiful women I hve ever seen.
For me it's either Helen or Fleur. Helen is most likely I think.
I think Helen has improved week by week.
I really can't see that Samu. But each to his own.

Helen or Hansa for me. I don't vote though.
//He seems a really nice chap, I’d be happy if he won.//

It's not about who is 'the nicest chap' (though I'm sure he is), it's about who is the best dancer, and he just is not.
Well, unless you’ve been hiding under a bush since this programme began, you’d know it’s actually not about the best dancer..not for the public voters, and they’re the ones who keep people in or get them’s more about their popularity.
It’s an entertainment show first and foremost, not a dance competition, as has been said many times.
Enjoy it :)

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Hamza Has Had Dance Experience, Despite Claims To The Contrary

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