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The Traitors

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naomi24 | 11:31 Tue 11th Jun 2024 | Film, Media & TV
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Again hosted by Alan Cumming and this time featuring John Bercow, ex Speaker of the House of Commons (bleurrrgh), the second US series begins on Wednesday 12 June, BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.


Bring it on!  



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I didn't see the first - is it worth watching?  Love the UK version 

Question Author

I love The Traitors, barry - whatever version.  It took me a while to get into the first which was the British one with Claudia Winkleman - but then I was hooked.  I think Series 2 of the Ausralian version is the best so far.

I'll be watching it at some point - how long will John Bercow be able to last, I wonder?...

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He's a slimey little toad but has his reputation spread to the US? If it has he won't be trusted an inch!

Unfortunately, he'd make a good traitor.  It could be interesting, depending on his level of notoriety, as you say.

I haven't seen mascara like that since Dusty Springfield.

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She definitely goes for the 60s look, Khandro - note the white/pink lipstick too.  

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More here.;at_campaign=The_Traitors_US_Series_2&at_medium=display_ad&at_campaign_type=owned&at_audience_id=SS&at_product=iplayer&at_brand=p0dvtrq8&at_ptr_name=bbc&at_ptr_type=media&at_format=image&at_objective=consumption&at_link_title=The_Traitors_US_Series_2&at_bbc_team=BBC

The final episode of the series is excellent although I won't bother with additional chatter/dissection episode.

I might watch series 1 now.

Thanks for the heads up, naomi



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The Traitors

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