Why Is 24 Hours In Police Custody Part 2

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tamaris | 21:12 Tue 05th Jul 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Not on tonight ?


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I think the programmes are running 30 minutes late because of an extended news. The Bake Off Professional started later than it should, but was shown.
There was an extended news programme which has put everything out.
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Thank you both
More important things are happening?
Thanks, Tamaris. The episode is listed as also being on 4Seven later tonight. We'll see....
Why isn't the Ghislaine Maxwell programme on?

//Why isn't the Ghislaine Maxwell programme on?//

Starting very shortly on C4.
I watched part 2(24 hrs in Police Custody) already, saw it on All4 last night straight after Part 1.
Thank you Fatti, watching it now.
Does happen
famous past instances
1963 - first episode Dr WHO and death of JFK
( not quite but makes a good story) - day before
repeated the next week

Release of nelson mandela and antiques road show
ARS viewers were not of an age that was interested AT ALL with The Madiba, or his wayward wife, and it generated 86 000 complains ( more than finny craddock)

Diana - whole day
Funeral of Diana - whole day
Blimey ABers watch and demand some really pervy programs
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Why Is 24 Hours In Police Custody Part 2

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