Actors/Actresses That You Are Amazed Ever Managed A Career………

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Smowball | 11:25 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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There are loads that I find myself saying to the tv screen ‘I’ve no idea how they ever became successful or even got offered any parts!’, but yesterday I found myself walking in lounge and an episode of Birds of a Feather was on. And there was Linda Robson. Quite how she ever got offered parts is beyond me - she only seems to play one role, and as for her voice……. Yes I know she has an East End accent, but she honestly sounds as though she has a peg on her nose….. I had to turn over as I couldn’t stand listening to it. Yes I know that's my opinion only and loads probably think she’s a great actress, but who can’t you stand to watch, or are amazed that they even became successful??


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//loads probably think she’s a great actress//
i'd be amazed if that were true . . .
Jason Statham
Question Author
Lol, I was trying to be polite.
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Jason Statham…… god I’ve not heard about him for ages.
John Wayne played the same role for almost 50 years. He did okay at it.
Denis Waterman
My husband is amazed that Gerard Butler ever became an actor - but as I pointed out look at Sean Connery!
jno, John Wayne played John Wayne. IMHO, he was a terrible actor.

Mark Benton
Many of the Carry On cast
Danny Dire (yes i know!) may be a favourite in Eastenders but some of his film roles should have never seen the light of day.
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I quite liked Dennis Waterman lol, but he did always play the same role!
Ken, isn't that what Smow is saying about Linda Robson, that she always plays Linda Robson?

After seeing Red River, John Ford told Howard Hawks, the director, “I didn’t know the big son of a *** could act.” He was very good for Ford in The Searchers too.
Rodney Bewes never impressed me in The Likely Lads. I've seen him on stage and his acting seemed just as dull and lifeless there too.

Nicholas Lyndhurst seems to be the weakest link in any cast that he's ever in, as far as I'm concerned.

Whenever I watch any movie with Michael Caine in it, I only ever seem to see Michael Caine on the screen, rather than the character who he's meant to be portraying.
that's what the star system is for, Buenchico, reinforcing a role by echoing roles previously played by the same actor.
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It just baffles me that so many of these that we are talking about(like Linda Robson) actually turned up for an audition, did their bit, and some bigwig has said “Yep that’s fabulous - youve got the part!” Lol.
I doubt that you'd ask John Wayne or Linda Robson to audition, Smow, you'd already know what you'd get. Robson might have auditioned once, before Birds of a Feather began, but that was probably about it.

The casting director's cry:

"Who's John Wayne?"
"Get me John Wayne!"
"Get me a John Wayne type!"
"Get me a young John Wayne!"
"Who's John Wayne?"
Nicolas Cage - the master of overacting.
John Wayne more or less rose to fame during the 40s and 50s, a time when the world was at war. Playing the all-American hero in many of his films, endeared him to a jingoistic audience and his legacy was sealed.
Just my opinion, of course.

Mind you, there are some who would level the same criticism at 'Squint' Eastwood - always plays the same type of role. He's one of my favourite actors:-)
Keanu Reeves.

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