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goodgoalie | 23:21 Thu 26th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Hugely disappointed and annoyed at today's news that BBC 4 is no longer going to be a terrestrial channel, and will soon be online only. This channel has some of the most interesting arts-based programmes on TV, and I cannot believe what the BBC have decided - especially after spending over £35m bringing back the tacky, risible BBC3 to broadcast television.

I hope there's a backlash sufficient to make them change their tiny minds. Fuming.


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Given that Aunty Beeb will still have to fork out for the production costs (or the costs of buying in programming from external providers), I'm surprised that they'll save that much through not having to pay Arqiva and Astra to use their transmitters and satellites for transmitting BBC4.

However, given that the majority of TV viewers now have access to BBC iPlayer directly on their TV sets (rather than on their computers, etc), through smart TVs or services which give 'smart' capability to non-smart sets (such as Amazon Fire TV Sticks or Roku devices), it might not actually make a great deal of difference anyway.

I occasionally use BBC iPlayer (via my NOW TV stick) to watch BBC Scotland and BBC Alba, which obviously aren't available here in East Anglia via terrestrial TV, so it won't really be any different to me to access BBC4 in the same way.
the government's frozen the licence fee at a time when inflation's expected to go above 5%. Something has to give (which is doubtless what the government intends).
BBC4 shows some good music programmes, I'll miss it
You nee not miss it, john, you are obviously online
CBBCs Mr Bloom's cucumber won't be anywhere near as impressive on a small screen. Mumsnet users will be devastated.

They switched BBC Three to stream online (apparently saving around £30 million PA) because the target audience mainly watched streamed services. Now they've switched it back.
ROOPOWER, if folk have a smart TV, they can access the Internet on their TV and watch on there.
I can cast anything from my phone, tablet, laptop, pc to my large tv screen, no need to squint at a tiny screen
When BBC 3 went online I never watched it - rarely watch BBC anyway.

Haven’t watched it since it came back either.

Would miss BBC Four - doubt I would watch it online.
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Much as I am a fan of the arts - the main reason I like BBC4 - does the BBC really need SIX permanent orchestras? There are lots of ways they could save money other than making a Philistine decision to move it online - how much will that save anyway?

This articles says the BBC hoped to save £30 million by moving BBC Three to the iPlayer, so I guess a similar amount. I haven't seen a figure for how much they actually saved:
I fear this may be the start for the BBC. Changes will come to it because the license fee is outdated and a big debate is going on about funding the BBC. Watch this space.

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Bbc 4 Going Online

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