What Movie Is This - Girl Is Kidnapped And Tries To Escape

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pacuk01 | 09:18 Fri 27th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Can anyone tell me what the movie is called. I have just seen a clip on TikTok where a girl is lowering a floor board carefully nor to make any noise, but it makes a tiny creak, and her capturer hears it downstairs. He comes running up stairs and she goes out the window, but lands on her back. I think the captured who is a man either a tach recaptured her. I have the download from TikTok but can't upload here


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The Collector?

Samantha Eggar and Terence Stamp.
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No, sorry that is way too old I think.

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What Movie Is This - Girl Is Kidnapped And Tries To Escape

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