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Ken4155 | 13:52 Tue 24th May 2022 | Film, Media & TV
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Currently watching - and thoroughly enjoying - the above series about the rise, fall, and rise of one Livia Drusilla. The story begins shortly after the assassination of Julius Caeser and, after a couple of episodes which introduce the main players, it turns into a sort of political battle of wits. There are sex scenes but they are nowhere near as explicit as were those in the tv series 'Spartacus'. Recommended.


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Giving this a 'bump' because, having finished watching series 1 last night, i wish to add the word 'thoroughly' to the above. Now eagerly awaiting series 2.

I watched this a couple of years ago. It was quite good and I thought it was like a mix of Spartacus and Rome.
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Your memory must be playing tricks on you, Tiggs. Domina was first aired on 21 May last year:-)
Oops! Yes, it was last year. Memory and brain have been rather addled recently :o(
is this the one who ends up marrying Augustus?
true roman lady

I claudius book and Claudius the God - also a book is well worth a read ( re read)

Livia the matriarch on the Sopranos is based on her - old battleaxe who wont put up with any nonsense
Foo - Latin Lesson in the west
the way ya addressed leddy
mea domina - persisted for two thousand y and became Madame and madam

Domine - persisted for priests ( dominy north of the border) and we called the monks Dom -
but went thro a norman french sieur ( monsewer and sir) and for a monarch sire - - ( Henry VIII first to demand your majesty)


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Domina - Sky Atlantic - And, I Think, Now Tv.

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