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I hate the word "movies", very American. I prefer films 'cause I like watching on the big screen.
Personally i don't have a preference. Just so long as the story maintains my interest, i like both just as much. If the film is over-long (2.5 hours and above) i sometimes watch it in two parts. Can't do that when you go to the 'flicks'.
Not bothered as long as it's entertaining.
Not really a film buff so it’s probably series
Sometimes series go on far too long, also known as box sets. I start to lose interest after 30 episodes!
dave, I learned my lesson with those long running series when I watched Lost. I gave up long before the non-ending end (I read about it).
6 - 8 hours suits me just fine
I prefer series but not when its one overelongated story like 24.
It depends what it is. Some movies are unbeatable - but so are some series.
Movies. Because you can watch them in an evening.
I like both. Box sets are good for storyline development and films are good so you don't have to wait ages for a conclusion.

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