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calmck | 16:46 Sun 12th Sep 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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New series starts tonight ITV at 8pm. 1 of 3


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Looking forward to it but it seems so long since the last series that I can't remember where we are up to. Anyone give me a brief summary please?
I always enjoy it
Thanks for that Mamya. It must have been really riveting because I don't remember a thing about it!!!!!
Thanks for reminding me. I need to check that I've set it to tape.
It was a bit slow. Took some watching. I fact we stopped half way to watch the rivetting Vigil and came back to Endeavour afterwards.
I enjoyed it overall, but found it quite confusing at times. The last few words between Endeavour and Thursday were lovely.
must have missed that - did thursday go or something?
no - Morse and Thursday were discussing the sporting life, and Morse described how he was never very sporting at school, so he was never picked by anyone to be on their team. "I picked you for my team" said Thursday.
//I need to check that I've set it to tape.//

Tape ????????
^of course tape...doesn't it take place in the '70s?
Often wondered what else Shaun Evans did - and then realised he was in Vigil too.
NJ. If people can still say ‘Pull the (toilet) chain’, I think we can excuse anyone for ‘taping’ a TV programme!
Arrods - how could you? That's a bog-awful comment to make!
HE was also in teachers
Watched it last night.

So radical was the change in appearance of DS Strange (Sean Rigby) due to weight loss, I had to check to see if it was indeed him! I think the character has lost a little with this change and we should bear in mind that Strange, when he was a Chief Superintendent and Morse's boss in later life (played by James Grout) was very rotund!
Without giving away spoilers, what was the opinion of Episode 3, last night? I'll just say 'bizarre'. I wonder if Thursday's daughter will marry Strange in a future series?
I enjoyed last night, at times I did feel that Poirot may have walked in.
sadly i thought the third episode had morphed into midsummer murders . . .

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