Watching ( Recorded) Paul O’grady Story

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Bobbisox1 | 20:41 Tue 08th Jun 2021 | Media & TV
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I just love this man and read his books as well


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Are you one of my dedicated followers Piggy , welcome :0)
Love Paul O'grady. Such a lovely man.
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Isn’t he Patsy ?
What you see is what you get with him
You certainly do. He is very funny, too. My sister always watches him in Canada. Another fan :-)
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Thd thing that’s sticks in my mind ( reading his books) was when he woke up in bed with the 60s singer Long John Baldry , him of Let The Heartaches Begin, thinking I never knew he was Gay haha
Yes I agree Bobbs - he is so kind and compassionate to animals.

I don't know why but I cannot watch any other animal programmes.

The dog rescuers, yorkshire vet, even supervet as I can't bear the pain that some of the animals are in.
I didn't know that for years until my sister told me.. :-)
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I end up crying when I watch them JJ
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He has a daughter Patsy from when he was 17
Yes I remember that...
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Yet she ( Diane) the Mum has never came forward , I’d imagine he’d of looked after them very well financially
Loved him in his alter ego Lilly Savage, and have enjoyed one or two of his programmes with dogs. However, his Sunday late afternoon/early evening Radio 2 show is a good cure for insomnia.
One of my all time favourites, he's naturally funny and I love his books. His kindness and concern for animals, especially dogs, always shines through. I'll never forget the amazing eulogy he gave at Cilla Black's funeral, it was both gentle and funny. I bet she would have loved it !
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Ah yes when he stood up and mentioned the word Hell then turned to the Bishop of Liverpool and said ‘oops’ sorry which caused a ripple of laughter throughout the cathedral
Yes, I remember it well Bobbs. He is one person I'd love to meet, him and Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick.
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another of my all time favourite people Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick, a wonderful gentle human being

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Watching ( Recorded) Paul O’grady Story

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