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smurfchops | 15:48 Sat 03rd Apr 2021 | Media & TV
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Same as last week, why does Gogglebox spend so much time on Line of Duty? It’s almost like advertising it, we get the whole plot, when other programmes get a couple of minutes.


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The Media does it too and LOD does seem to command one of the highest viewing numbers.
Jenny made me laugh making notes in her little book to try to keep track of everything
That’s come in handy for me really as I’ve been watching a lot of the older Gogglebox episodes during lockdown. They too have Line Of Duty heavily featured (all old series), so it’s been a good way to recap ready for the new series.
I agree, it’s the same with The Circle and the numerous cooking programmes.
They also seem to give an inordinate amount of screentime to the TOTALLY unrehearsed 'wisecracking' wingnut and the lumpen banshee sister.

Lol Douglas9401. Cruel but funny. When they overdose on carp like LOD, I change channels for a while.
Those who think watching non entities watching the same tv programmes that we have watched, passes for entertainment, ought to be lined up against the wall and ridiculed mercilessly. I watched one episode of Gogglebox some years back then had to use all my willpower to stop myself punching my own face as punishment.
My American daughter in law adores watching gogglebox because it reminds her how completely bonkers the British really are

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Gogglebox/Line Of Duty

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