Anyone Watch Tina On Sky Docs?

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ToraToraTora | 17:29 Sat 03rd Apr 2021 | Media & TV
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Wow, I've always been fan of course but never knew what hard time she had with Ike. What an absolute B'Stard.


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I read her Autobiography years ago, you’re right he was an evil b*ard
Well it has only been common knowledge for about 40years.
teacake: rude again.
Rude, or a heads up?
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yeah I know TC, just thought it was worthy of discussion. Sorry to have offended you.
-- answer removed --
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right TC I'll be watching every question/answer of yours now.
Happy Easter to you too.
But you do that anyway, so whats new?
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nasty, end of
Yes I have watched it and found it really interesting, I was aware of how Ike treated her but mainly from watching the Angela Bassett movie about her early life.
I didn't watch it but horrendous what she went through. Highlights what millions of women have been through and still are going through around the world.
He was very nasty, poor gal.
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I'm just amazed that she was so tolerant of rissole journos. Every interview they always ask about Ike, how she didn't kick them in the nads is remarkable.
She was scared of him Tora, he controlled her
Serenity and calmness becomes her.

I didn't watch this wekk but I have long respected her tenacity not only with the music business but those around her.
* week
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bobbi: "She was scared of him Tora, he controlled her " - yes at the time but she got the courage and broke away and was her own person. I was talking about journos much later.
i watched the movie of her life, that was really good, but boy did she have a hard time with Ike. He was a controlling man, it was amazing when she finally broke away and got her life back.
I wish I had seen it, but I missed it., hopefully it will be on again sometime

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Anyone Watch Tina On Sky Docs?

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