Corrie Was Pants Tonight

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Bobbisox1 | 21:27 Fri 26th Mar 2021 | Media & TV
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Just sayin!


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its still on- and still pants. The Todd, Paul and other bloke bit was boring
I've been clean for about 4 months now.
bobbi, you are an intelligent woman, why do you watch such she ite?
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I lost interest Bob, I seem to remember Owen Lloyd Fox writing for it before and it was dire then
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I’ve watched every episode since 1961 Tora, good, bad and total sh-ite like tonight’s
Me too Bobbi, everyone since the start. Will not miss it. I might moan sometimes but I love it!
It's not been too good for a while now and of course it's all down to the pandemic and things not being 'normal'. We haven't seen Fizz and Tyrone's kids for ages and 'Nana' and her dog seem to have vanished now. I'm still a big fan though and always will be !
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I think Maureen Lipmans Husband died Burley Shirley so perhaps she was written for a bit , I didn’t get the gay storyline either nor the boring Ronnie and Ed paternity saga over Michael, and Grace in hospital with the baby? Err gone are the days of a 10 day confinement, more like a conveyor belt system now ;0)
AKA Animosity Street and, just before it, Animosity Farm. :o)
I don't think the Bailey family have worked since they joined but now they are bringing in more!
Maureen Lipman's long term partner died in January so I don't expect to see her for a while.
Young children aren't in the show because of Covid.
They loosely plan the story lines months in advance so sometimes have to use last minute fillers when the original storyline has to change without notice.
Overall I think they are doing a decent job.
im getting fed up with all the gay story lines, bring mary back at least she makes for amusing times
Mary is still in it, mally, she's been in very recently, if not this week then last.
Sickle cell was mentioned so I'm guessing that's where the paternity storyline is heading.

I stopped watching Corrie for a while and then started again last year. Still getting used to the newer characters that weren't there when I stopped.
mally, the gay story lines are no different from the straight storylines except the characters are same sex. Still conniving, cheating, stressing, getting jealous, falling in and out of love and lust, worrying about the kids...
The 'who is the dad' storyline is annoying me as well. I hope it's Ed. and I agree Bobbs, Glory's mum would have been out of hospital by now. Looks like Todd is trying to worm his way back into Billy's affections - don't do it Billy !

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Corrie Was Pants Tonight

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