The Vanishing. Don’t Bother Watching This One.

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malagabob | 09:44 Wed 03rd Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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Story line is obvious after a few minutes. American couple arrive with their young 10 year old daughter at a camp site out of season. Even though it’s Thanksgiving, owner says “ If you come here looking to party you’ve come to the wrong place “ Mother goes to office to pay bill. Husband is pre occupied talking to a young girl in bikini. Daughter goes missing. Fast forward to next day. Sheriff leading hunt calls in to see parents. Sheriff >“ Good morning how are you? “ Father > “ Good morning sheriff “. That was it for me, with dialogue like that it was a no watch from me. I turned it off.


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It was morning and they'd just met. What exactly did you expect, the soliloquy from Hamlet?
someone vanishes in a show called the vanishing? Shocking!
I thought it wasn't on till the weekend?
Film, series, channel?
I think bob is referring to The Vanished currently on Netflix.

I enjoyed it, worth a watch I thought.
And I didn’t see the end coming....
I too watched this and what a waste of time. The director must think his audience gullible to have swallowed this hokem!
At the end there are so many loose ends, unexplained details.
Agree with Bob, don't watch.
Oh, I thought all the ends got tied up very neatly.
I'm sure there's something coming on at the weekend on freeview with a similar title, that's where I got confused.
The Vanishing is about three lighthouse keepers on Flannan Isle.

I watched The Vanished, the Netflix film.

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The Vanishing. Don’t Bother Watching This One.

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