Who Is The Waitress In The A-Ha Video?

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Bert45 | 16:18 Tue 02nd Feb 2021 | Media & TV
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Please look at the A-Ha video for "Take On Me". It is partially set in a café. There is a waitress who I thought looked a bit like Lynda Baron, but then I thought maybe not. I've looked on IMDb and the waitress is not credited. Do you know who she is?


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I don't think it is Lynda.

Over a billion views on Youtube.
Bears a passing resemblance bit I don't think it is Lynda Barron.
Definitely not her.
Lass called Bunty Bailey, ex Hot Gossip dancer. Also featured in the video for The Sun Always Shines On TV.
It's the name of the waitress needed.
No Ken, that's the young girl. OP is after the waitress.
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I googled 'Lynda Baron waitress video' and got this "Lynda Baron, Actress: Scoop. Lilian Baron known professionally as Lynda Baron, is an English actress, best known for playing Nurse Gladys Emmanuel in the BBC comedy ... See more on Prime Video » ... Louise the Waitress (uncredited)." off But when I searched for "Louise the Waitress (uncredited)" I got no results. If you are with Prime Video, can you take a look, please?
That's in a film called 'Hot Millions' Bert.
the prime video probably refers to open all hrs
According to wiki, it was filmed in an actual cafe in maybe she was a waitress at the cafe.
// It was filmed in 1985 at Kim's Café (now called Savoy Café) (corner of Wandsworth Road and Pensbury Place, London SW8), and on a sound stage in London. //

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Who Is The Waitress In The A-Ha Video?

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