Emmerdale's Non White Population.

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thejudderman | 20:47 Thu 28th Jan 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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I've just watched Emmerdale for the first time in literally years, probably 10 years or more.
Emmerdale as far as I know has always been about life in a little fictional Yorkshire village of the same name.
My question is... why are there so many black, asian and mixed race people in this little english village?? Judging by tonights episode, and I've been told this has been the norm for quite some time, well over 50% of the residents are non white. It was like I was watching a north African soap.
I live in a small west sussex village, bigger than Emmerdale is supposed to be. We have ONE black resident and he was adopted.
I have nothing against seeing non whites on tv but come on, over 50% in a little Yorkshire village??? Let's be realistic!!!
Is this just the woke tv producers pushing their wokeness (if there is such a word) on to us? Because we also have the same situation with adverts to.
In fact if you watch tv nowadays, certainly in the uk, but I suspect everywhere else too, you could be forgiven for thinking non whites were the majority.
Why are tv companies and the media in general doing this???


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Judderman does have a point about the number of non-white actors in tonights episode. .
Manprit and Rishi ,Prya and Al, Charles and his son, Billy and Ellis,Manprit's sister,Jai
Apg, the same reason women do. If people are historically and habitually ignored, they have to fight harder, even now. We are nowhere near the point where white people need to feel threatened they are being taken over. It's a huge overreaction, caused by being too privileged for too long.... apparently.
Andres, as I said before, I'm not a viewer of the show, but are there occasions when some of these characters aren't featured and the cast is predominantly white? If so, surely it's a one off rather than the norm for Emmerdale?
Question Author
Mozz71.... and your point is??
Jeeeesus, there are so many clever people with their wize cracks but none of you seem capable of answering what was a simple question!!
Most of the comments are just pointless.
It's like you agree with what I'm saying but you dont think you should agree so you come out with a load of nonsense thinking it makes you look smart!! Idiots!!

Just to clarify, I’m not agreeing with what you are saying.

I find it a very ill informed observation.
mozz--If you don't watch Emmerdale then you don't really know how many times the non-whites appear. I hadn't taken much notice of the actual number until Judderman 's post. Tonight wasn't really an exception. All the ones that I mentioned appear regularly .
Judd, to answer the question directly- they are doing it to try to right the imbalance they had, and still have so far.
That you are noticing it, shows it's more essential than I realised.
Double-double exclamation marks...definitely getting a tad irate.
"I find it a very ill informed observation" Is there such a thing?
Irate, roy? Started off as paranoid and hysterical and has only got worse....
What answers are you looking for? As a society we won't always agree with each other and we have to learn to accept that. We've given opinions some of which you may not like but they are still individual opinions.

If you have any complaints maybe take that up with ITV, BBC etc.
Question Author
Pixie.... what imbalance? There wasnt an imbalance. But there is now! White english are becoming the minority in tv. Tonights Emmerdale and most adverts are evidence of that.
I haven't watched it for about a month (binge watch it now on catch-up) but watched a scene from last weeks program on youtube.
New black vicar is there?
Can you show me, please, judd? Biased observation of what it "looks like" is hardly persuasive.
What percentage of actors/ actresses are white, compared with the UK population? I don't honestly know... but you clearly do.
Apparently Pixie, it's like Roots, only with more tractors.
I had a look at the episode but there was no cast list so I looked at the end of the second one.

I counted twenty characters over both episodes and looking at their photos, ten were white.
Mozz, I'm sure I'd agree if I understood that:-)
I'd just be interested in the actual facts now, rather than just Judd's opinion, so we can see if he has a point or not.
I'll hold my breath for the real statistics....
Ah, so it's not just the number of non-whites you're unhappy with, you want more white English folk on tv.
Question Author
Pixie... I know what I see!
And this evening I saw Emmerdale and the black characters were probably 60% if not more.
And I see adverts and most if not all adverts with a couple are either a black couple or mixed race. It's very rare to see a white couple in adverts.
I work with a black guy, and the funny thing is he has actually mentioned this himself in the past.

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