The Chasers Road Trip: Trains, Brains And Automobiles

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Roobaba | 12:06 Fri 29th Jan 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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.. I'm enjoying it, last night was very interesting I learnt a few new things! .. My IQ still untested, and it will remain so ;-)

The Chasers Road Trip: Trains, Brains and Automobiles (2 of 3)

Your thoughts? Good, bad or?


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I saw a bit of it last week when Mark Labbett was driving the motor home and bumped a number of kerbs.
Labett is a bad loser. Never liked him.
I'm enjoying it too. Very interesting. I particularly like Shaun and am not surprised with the result of his EQ.
It says a lot about high IQs not being a good indicator of general intelligence!

There's hope for me yet!!
I like it and I think Shaun and Anne are coming over well but mark is not making any friends with that attitude
I am really enjoying it. It’s quite funny at times which is a plus at the moment. It was very interesting about their sleep patterns, which apparently aided their particular type of intelligence.
Mark is very immature in many respects. An amazing IQ, but not a rounded person at all. I don't dislike him though. I like Ann and know someone well who is very like her.
I been enjoying their road trips but Mark Labbett is completely spoiling it for me. He doesnt come over at all well.
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I thought Anne saying about her father's IQ being 161 and him having a lack of common sense was interesting. Looking forward to the last one on Thursday, it may be the only programme I watch this week apart from OC and UC earlier this evening of course.. goes without saying - 'must watch tv' for nerds and geeks! :O)
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The Chasers Road Trip: Trains, Brains and Automobiles (3 of 3)

Part 3 what did you think? Rise of the Robots and AI.. Terminator is coming!? Robot workers doing all the work we don't like doing?

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The Chasers Road Trip: Trains, Brains And Automobiles

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