Emmerdale's Non White Population.

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thejudderman | 20:47 Thu 28th Jan 2021 | Film, Media & TV
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I've just watched Emmerdale for the first time in literally years, probably 10 years or more.
Emmerdale as far as I know has always been about life in a little fictional Yorkshire village of the same name.
My question is... why are there so many black, asian and mixed race people in this little english village?? Judging by tonights episode, and I've been told this has been the norm for quite some time, well over 50% of the residents are non white. It was like I was watching a north African soap.
I live in a small west sussex village, bigger than Emmerdale is supposed to be. We have ONE black resident and he was adopted.
I have nothing against seeing non whites on tv but come on, over 50% in a little Yorkshire village??? Let's be realistic!!!
Is this just the woke tv producers pushing their wokeness (if there is such a word) on to us? Because we also have the same situation with adverts to.
In fact if you watch tv nowadays, certainly in the uk, but I suspect everywhere else too, you could be forgiven for thinking non whites were the majority.
Why are tv companies and the media in general doing this???


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We have ONE black resident and he was adopted.
What colour was he before he was adopted?
Further to my link maybe you just need to turn the brightness up on your TV.
What puzzles me more about Emmerdale is how quickly the police turn up for even the most inane thing.
Judderman has a hobby-horse made for 2.....he's usually to be found in the company of mikkin59, both of them making inflammatory posts about sexuality/colour.

Still, it's taken you quite a long-time to get bored enough to start posting......again.
You've noticed that as well, Roy? Glad I'm not the only one.
Amos Brearley wouldn’t have served them either.Nay Nay Mr Wilks.
The Mosque is coming to Emmerdale - Cain Dingle will become the new Imam and scam the villagers to keep the Muezzin quiet and thereby allow the local Dingle baa-th party to carry on chewing weed on the village green.
Question Author
Arhibaldy. That is definitely not a full list of the current characters!! Some of those arent in it, and there was at least four black people that I noticed in this evenings episodes that arent in that list. So try again!
i have noticed this on tv soaps adverts films documentaries, i dont think it represents the true picture or britain, inclusivity is the order of the day now though, but all the same it's not true, not in the countryside anyway, more like overrun inner cities.
There are fewer characters in the scenes than usual due to restrictions on filming.
Often none of the BAME characters appear in an episode.....will you be writing in with your opinion when that happens?
What next ? Ginger actors? Shocking
// well over 50% of the residents are non white //

I don’t watch Emmerdale, but the cast list looks like 5% are non white.
Question Author
Jackthehat. There are far to many non white characters for that to happen. But if it ever does then no I wont be mentioning it because it would be more true to life than this evenings episodes were......
Just to make my point I actually made a note on the second of this evenings episodes...... there were 5 white characters and 11 non white characters in the whole episode! Had it been a soap about life in the centre of Birmingham then maybe that would be fair enough. But a little yorkshire village? Come on!!!
to quote a wise man
"As usual the "what can I be offended about today" brigade are out in force!
Sad sad people need to get a life!!"

It is not a documentary.

Turn it off if black character offend you.
Bednobs, As far as I can see dear the Op is not offended -just making an observation. We live in Teesdale and hardly ever see a black person -we have a real Chinese family though in the nearby village (oo ahh..) . That does not mean I am racist, its an observation of the fact the countryside is not the first choice for the BAME community.
judder, if you spend time counting the number of colours on your screen, maybe you should get out more. Ooops! Not a good point to make at the moment. Sorry, judd.
Teesdale is reality.
Emmerdale is fiction.

Complaining about the population of a made up place is rather pointless.
If you do not enjoy the programme, listen to the radio or something.

I stopped watching Emmerdale when Joe Sugden got blown up.
The things that upset people

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Emmerdale's Non White Population.

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