Name Of 1980S / 90S Sports Panel Show

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barry1010 | 16:54 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | Media & TV
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It was loosely based on sport and was totally ridiculous but I loved it. Instead of 'spot the ball' they had 'spot the gob (or snot)'.
What was it called and who was the host?


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They think it's all over ?
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That's it! I've been trying to remember all day. Thanks, bhg
I enjoyed that for many weeks and then it started to get too silly and I went off it.
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It was on at the same time as Shooting Stars, another silly panel show that I enjoyed.
They were so bad they were good
I used to like Nick Hancock. Don't see him on the box anymore.
Nick Hancock?
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I much preferred Nick Hancock on Room 101, the show was much better then. I don't know why he has disappeared from tv
I agree Barry. I've never been a fan of the Frank Skinner version of Room 101. Maybe he had a Rory McGrath-like incident, but I think it might have just been one of those things.

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Name Of 1980S / 90S Sports Panel Show

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