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bobbie22 | 23:10 Fri 11th Dec 2020 | Media & TV
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Does anyone watch this? I do, and would like to know how Ian and Sharon got married when they are both married to other people?


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I think Sharon's divorce came through but don't know who Ian was married to
Ian did say that Jane had 'filed' a few months back.

I'm suspicious of Sharon's motifs, thought she might know about Ian's roll in Denny's death and was going to fleece him like she did Phil but it was only the other day he was in financial trouble so has nothing.
I found it amazing they allowed him to marry someone after suffering a head injury LOL capacity!????

100% Sharon has a motive!!!!!
Would they not have needed a licence?
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Apparently had a special licence. Sharon was supposed to be in court that day, but I think it’s unlikely she would have got her divorce that quickly. All a bit odd? Ian was married to Jane?
Ah well, it's Eastenders. I also wondered how ian managed to transfer those charity funds to Max without a bank code ( you know nº and letter, and then the safety code sent to your phone) or password.
I wondered about that too. But while we’re here, what on earth was the point of the domestic abuse against chantelle if it is completely ignored and he just gets away with it?
It's soaps.

Everyone has a crack at working in the shop / laudrette / supermarket / pub - any/all, and everyone marries or sleeps with everyone else.

As I have said many times - any and every soap collapses under even the most rudimentary analysis.

For EastEnders, it's always - how did so many deeply unpleasant people manage to populate such a small area, and why on earth do they suffer each other day after day?

For Coronation Sreet, it's why does Carla have to put up with a dummy like Peter when in 'real life', a woman as gorgeous as that would have men queuing from Manchster to London and back to take her out and treat her nicely.
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I suppose, as it’s a soap, they have to do something. It would be pretty boring if they sat around the table eating dinner then watching tv. They have to have a storyline
Eastenders: Who attacked Ian?
Corrie: Who attacked Adam?
Who cares??

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