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Same Story Lines In Emmerdale And Eastenders

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tezmand | 14:30 Wed 08th May 2013 | Film, Media & TV
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looks like emmerdale gonna have the same story about addiction to painkillers as eastenders , do the same writers write for both soaps ? sharon in eastenders and rhona in emmerdale


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Well what with all that soap opera one can understand they'd bioth need something to kill the pain.
At the moment in Hollyoaks there is also a story bubbling away about addiction to prescription painkillers.

I've noticed that the soaps do seem to run similar stories at times.
I've haven't watched the soaps for years now,cos they just get the same basic storylines eg drugs,gambling,3 way affairs,who's the daddy,hide stuff from the police, and recycle it ad nauseum . Throw in the odd "funny" storyline every now and then,and slight brightness,but,mainly keep the soaps "dark and depressing" and everyone feeds off of it! Life is soo depressing if you stay in soapland every day without fail! Check out your tv for other things you have an interest in around that time. Please.
Emmerdale is now going down the same road as EE with a female character pretending to be pregnant.

Each soap must employ someone to watch all the other soaps to get their story lines from.

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Same Story Lines In Emmerdale And Eastenders

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