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giraffe_02 | 22:23 Mon 08th May 2006 | Film, Media & TV
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Why is that soaps have the same story lines at the same time. For e.g. There is sonia and Niaomi in Eastenders and there is a Gay couple in Emmerdale ( sorry don't watch Emmerdale regularly, forgotten their names!) In Coronation Street Noris is into internet dating and so is Kevin Wicks in Eastenders. Finally Neighbours and Eastenders both have a bar named Scarlet!! Why is this??


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I imagine its sheer coincidence, as the script writers couldn't know what the other soaps' script writers were planning, especially if the storylines appear at the same time. If they did get wind of their rivals' plans, surely they would change their own?

You missed mo's baby in eastenders being rushed to hospital and in Hollyoaks the same happens with Mandy and Tonys.
Corrie and EE both have stroppy 14 year old Asian girls.

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