Should I’m A Celeb Stay In Wales

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Theblip | 22:26 Fri 27th Nov 2020 | Media & TV
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Despite the fact that all the contestants seem to be getting along famously, which has made some past series dull, I’d say the current I’m A Celebrity is a success....thanks largely to Shane Richie it must be said. Being based in Wales doesn’t appear to have been a downer after all. So should ITV save themselves a few million each year and stick with this Welsh castle rather than return to Oz?


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as long as you can guarantee that they can't escape
Question Author
Is there an Extra Camp follow-up prog this year, and if so when and on which channel?
If it wasn't for Covid giving them nothing else to do, they might struggle to get such a strong line up.

Have they got a super luxurious hotel lined up for them to go to after eviction? Perhaps it's a b&b in Rhyl.
Wot abt a Scottish castle next time and include "Kiosk Billy Connolly"?
I quite like it in the castle, but i think a big draw for the celebs is that they and their families get to spend time in Australia in a high end hotel.

Having said that, i think they have had it much easier in the castle.
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I agree Darcey, living in the Welsh castle hugely preferable to living out in the Aussie jungle, but the trials look as horrendous as ever
It will be simple economics which determines this. If the viewing figures are the same or up and this generates the same, or increased, advertising revenue for less expenditure, I'm sure they’ll be tempted.
Has anybody been voted off yet ?
Yes Burley , Hollie went last night , it finishes next Friday which is two days earlier than previous years
I was beginning to think that this year no-one will be voted off and they'll just pick a winner at the end ! Only watched the odd snippet of it, not very keen really.
it was a shame holly was voted out but she didn't get as much coverage as the rest ,victoria gets in on everything. i think they are getting a lot more to eat than the australian camps .
No, I hope not, I’ve stuck with it, but there just seems to be something missing, apart from the jungle.
agree the colours of the "jungle" .the fact it comes from what we regard as "sunny aussie" " this years looks cold and damp and that blasted echo from the castle walls, no its lost it for me I just record the episodes now to skip through to watch the trials not interested in all the chit chat or ant and dec who appear to be struggling this year
back to australia next year if there is another series
I haven't enjoyed it much this year. It just seems stage managed and Ant and Dec have lost their usual off the cuff remarks . Too much chit chat amongst the contestants. It's becoming boring now. I also read somewhere that after spending two weeks isolating the four former winners who were going to be brought into the show have been sent home. No-one seems to know why. They are Joe Swash, Joey Essex, Vicky Pattison and Charlie Brookes.

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Should I’m A Celeb Stay In Wales

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