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naomi24 | 23:42 Mon 26th Oct 2020 | Media & TV
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One of my favourite books ever. Has anyone watched it .... is anyone watching it ... and if so, how does it compare to the book? Worth watching?


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Full link and story to above

I liked the tv version a few year ago with Charles dance and thingy
Mrs sqad says that it is very good as,not better than previous film .
Oh yeh Bednobs, thingy was great in it :)
I’ve never seen the black and white version but never liked whatshisname anyway.
Ya know thingy from that wotsit program. Not waking the dead the other one. #annoying
Emilia fox
Oh yes, thingy... of course!
Question Author
Vagus, I take it you've never read the book. I watched about half of it tonight and just thought 'Why on earth do today's writers think they can improve on the original?' They can't - and it shows. I will wince through the rest - but only because I like the story.
I quite enjoyed it, although it did not compete with the Olivier film. I did think Lily James was a good Mrs Dr Winter and she was closer to the original du Maurier character. Thought Kristen Scott Thomas looked the part but was somehow lacking the level of sinister written by DdM. They tinkered with the plot a little but nothing too major. An enjoyable Sunday afternoon watch but did lack the atmosphere and something which I cannot put my finger on.
Question Author
//did lack the atmosphere and something which I cannot put my finger on.//

Trying to add a modern slant to classics - perhaps in an attempt to pander to the tastes of ‘today’s audiences’ often results in destroying that elusive element of pure genius - the reason books become classics in the first place. I remember being utterly disappointed when television produced a version of Dr Zhivago that contained quite graphic scenes of passion - something that neither the beautifully written book nor the excellent film with Omar Sharif and Julie Christie needed to rely upon.

In the case of ‘Rebecca’, Mrs de Winter was a young girl, dowdy, plain, timid, very unsure of herself and someone I doubt would enter so readily or so eagerly into the passionate embraces of a man she’d just met. She was the complete opposite of the eponymous Rebecca - but this one is glamorous and fashionable and very much more confident than the original. Additionally, Maxim isn’t nearly mysterious, tetchy and unemotional enough to reflect the character in the book - and the sinister Mrs Danvers is never anything but sinister whereas this character actually smiles and laughs. It reminds me of historical dramas where people acting characters from history are given lines more suited to the 21st century, eg ‘Yeah, right’ or ‘Dream on!’ All out of sync for me but, as I say, I shall wince on with it simply because I like the story.
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One further thought. Great casting with the admirable Ann Dowd - Aunt Lydia from A Handmaid’s Tale - as the redoubtable Mrs Van Hopper.
n. I know I'm off your topic, but I have just learnt, 'The Queens Gambit' has a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
No one though has been murdered (nor likely to I think) - will see the dénouement tonight.
Question Author
Thanks Khandro. I'll 'check' that out. :o)
I've added the Queens Gambit to 'my list'.
I watched Rebecca but I'll watch again as I think I missed a few bits of vital dialogue.
I disagree Naomi, this one started off very dowdy and timid and gradually gained in confidence. Max showed her love and attention which she appeared to be craving, being alone in the world, so why wouldn’t she enter into ‘passionate embraces’ with him, and a possible way out of her unhappy situation?
I read the book years ago, maybe even at school, and had forgotten most of the plot.
I think it’s very rare a film follows a book to the letter, and actually don’t think it matters if the film is enjoyable...which we both found this to be.
//One further thought. Great casting with the admirable Ann Dowd - Aunt Lydia from A Handmaid’s Tale - as the redoubtable Mrs Van Hopper.//

I watched the film, and my first thought was that Ann Dowd would have played Mrs Denver so much better.

I was only very young when I watched the black and white version and remember being quite scared. I watched this version thinking the scary bits are coming soon -but they never did. No underlying atmosphere, even the fancy dress scene was something one could have seen in a soap opera.

It's worth watching though, to pass a few hours as, heavens, there's barely anything worth watching on the TV at the moment anyway.
Has anyone ever seen a film of a book and thought : “That’s an improvement?“
Possibly, but if it’s a book they’ve enjoyed I’d suggest it’s unlikely.
Rebecca being indeed a marvellous book, with suspense all the way through to the very end, I’d be very surprised if any film could improve on it or even do it justice.
Of course if you’ve not read the book then none of the above applies.
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APG, I agree. Ann Dowd would have made a much better Mrs Danvers. Great actress. Shame she couldn't play two parts.

I've only watched about half of it - I think I'm just about to encounter the fancy dress party.

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