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Theblip | 20:30 Fri 31st Jul 2020 | Media & TV
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Well, no chance of anyone saying the BAFTA Awards aren’t diverse enough... Shame though we had to put up with a host looking like he’d been dragged through a hedge backwards, unshaven, messy hair, wearing trainers. This is progress and example to others, is it?


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Would that be Graham Norton?

I always think, in common with Cliff Richard, not matter how much money is spent on dressing him, he always looks a mess.

Some people just can't wear clothes and look co-ordinated - these are two of them.
Richard Ayoade
To accuse someone who normally sports designer stubble of being 'unshaven' seems a little unfair to me!
All I know, it's disjointed, poorly presented and, frankly, boring as watching a grasshopper climbing up my conservatory door - in fact, the grasshopper should get the BAFTA, 'Bug ascending frame to alcohol'....
No audience, distanced guests and zoomed speeches were never going to have a great deal of atmosphere really.
Mamya - // Richard Ayoade //

Thanks - just add him to the list!
i was shocked to see how ill or just not aged that well glenda jackson
was... i know laptop cameras are the worst for flattery but still...

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