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jobjockey | 11:44 Tue 21st Jul 2020 | Media & TV
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The disrespect shown by panellists this morning
on the Jeremy Vine show.
At a time when we have to think twice, and
then don't utter any word referring to anyone
or thing of an Afro American origin. This morning
rhe Queen was twice spoken of as queenie,
No intervention from J,V, of course
What have we become, I admire the royal family
but do not consider my self an ardent royalist.


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Sign of the times, respect has become a thing of the past.
Agree with dannyk13. Respect is missing from all walks of life , from within families outwards. Its a huge shame and I think, the cause of a lot of our problems.
You've been on here a long time, have you seen the names folk get called?

By no means are all AB members youngsters either.
I'm far from a Royalist also but I agree with Jobjockey, I don't know the panelist but saying Queenie once was fine imo, but again with distaste was wrong... or maybe they're besties and she knew she could get away with.
welcome to the snowflake world, the dream of scum is being realised, JV is a ABBC luvvie anyway so don't expect any bottle from him. We are now in the era of the LibFacs
Hasn't TTT taken that tedious character he plays to another forum yet?
Don't tell me that you are still letting that creep Vine pollute your life JJ. 1 minute to 12 and the ipod or classic FM goes on in the car. At home the radio goes off and anything but his cant is welcome. He is the poisonous frontal assault, on the mindless and easily manipulated British public, that is being orchestrated by the thieves at broadcasting house. The "contributors" and "audience participants" that feature are very stringently filtered before they are allowed to ask their carefully rehearsed questions or give their complicit opinions.
Jeremy Vine should not be involved in the media...he is absolutely awful. An embarassment with awful whining voice and his interest in non topics for discussion. I cringe every time I hear him and he is turned off immediately
I never watch it much now unless it's on in the background , he loves playing with his flip charts, Mathew Wright was the best presenter of the show
//welcome to the snowflake world//

What? Where people get offended over nothing much?

Like calling the Queen "Queenie" for instance?
LibFac: What dat please?

I meant to ask before but kept falling asleep.

Thanks in advance. X
DOUGLAS,please don't ask, he'll be thinking folk care...
Given the person who wrote it, I'd wager Liberal Facist.
Surely that's too convoluted even for Tory Tory Tory, Mozz. :-)

MOZZ, that's the meaning and it's been a term used for a number of years but not one I'm familiar with.

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The Jeremy Vine Guests

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