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Georgiesmum | 22:33 Mon 02nd Sep 2019 | Media & TV
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Did anyone watch the first episode of the new series "The Confession" tonight?I thought it looked like a really good series. Its got me hooked! I cant wait for the next episode next Monday to see what happens next.


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What side was it on please?
I found the shaky 'hand-held' direction distracting; and I was put off by the fact that the main detective is being played by Martin Freeman - surely one of the most limited actors around. He has one expression in everything he's ever been in: mildly puzzled.
ITV ummm, and it was excellent!
Cheers, I'll have a nosey :-)
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Its well worth watching Ummmm.
Watching on catch up. It's good.
While it is true, and rather unfortunate, that Martin Freeman's facial expressions are in limited supply, it has to be pointed out that it didn't do Roger Moore any harm. Freeman is a very good actor - watch Fargo - and i have read that he spent quite a lot of time with the real DS Steve Fulcher in order to portray him correctly. Not all actors would go to the trouble. Stick with it, brainiac, he may grow on you. I read all the 'Banks' books and never had Stephen Tompkinson down as playing the lead, but he didn't do a bad job in the end. Looking forward to episode 2 of A Confession..
Such a confusing first episode, took the full hour to work out who was who, but, worth a second look .
Absolutely loved it, thought all the acting was brilliant, especially Martin Freeman. Will follow it through to the end.
I enjoyed it.
I watched it and quite enjoyed it, although I didn't understand the huge police presence after such a short time of Sian going missing, I always believed the police dont even start looking/ investigating until someone has been missing for 24 hours
Yes quite enjoyable, if one could understand what the actors were saying in their quiet mumblings.
AOG there should be a toggle for subtitles somewhere on your tv clicker

in fact is true - and they are all still alive
Fulcher is on wiki under - er fulcher

Eye boggling - even for someone with the hang'em high views of AOG
( Dirrty Harry comes to the Midlands )
I'll give you a clue - fulcher makes bad mistakes but cant sue the prog makers for libel - yeah that bad .... really bad
like hooo-hooo!
so when you see something and think - program error, he shouldnt be doing that
in fact it is
he shouldnt be doing that but did it anyway
o lawks a lordy what did the judge say ?
I was of the belief that DS Fulcher had given the program his full backing, PP? Haven't read anything about him even wanting to sue. Contemplating buying his book.
In fact, as it was only £2.99 (Kindle), i've just bought it:-)

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