Wild Bill.

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cupid04 | 13:03 Thu 13th Jun 2019 | Media & TV
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Anyone watch Wild Bill with Rob Lowe on ITV last night. It was billed as a comedy.
Not a comedy in my book with a corpse without a body [just a head and an attempted suicide!
What did you think?


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It was ok - not sure a wind turbine would neatly lop someones head off. I`ll watch a few more to see if it picks up.
I recorded though I did catch the beginning and wasn't really convinced. I'll l give it aproper go later. Just finished watching Rob Lowe in Parks and Recreation, I did enjoy that :)
I enjoyed it and recognised a few places as I used to visit Boston quite a lot, many years ago. I think we have to suspend belief - why would the Chief Constable be out of his office and in the front line for instance - but I liked him and went along with it.
Thought it was a bit daft. yes I agree about the bodyless head. and if the victim had jumped from where her mother tried, there couldnt possibly be away the blades could have hit her IMHO. will watch next week in case it continues with the same story.
o I was gonna give it a go
( or as a plot detail has been let out)

I will give it a - - - turn
Think it might be OK. Will watch next week and see
I wasn't expecting to like it but for a wacky tongue in cheek comedy drama I really enjoyed it. There were some good laugh out loud one liners.
I didn't watch....but it is described in Radio Times as a "crime drama" - the word "comedy" doesn't appear anywhere.
I saw a review which panned it - advising that it is down for export to the US where they will be unaware of glaring errors such as the fact that Chief Constables tend not to go out and about solving crimes, they stay in their offices and administrate.
I watched it only because I used to have a massive crush on Rob Lowe. Thought it was awful, poorly acted. I'm not aware it was supposed to be a comedy.
Not sure what to make of it. It seems it’s trying to be a comic tragedy. I wouldn’t say I laughed out loud, but there were a couple of times I chuckled slightly.

I also don’t believe those wind turbines would lop a head off.
A bit too much is made of Rob Lowe’s good looks. He’s not THAT handsome anymore.
I didn't see that it was meant to be a comedy or a comedy drama. I thought the first episode was quite weak and the attempt at humour poor. Not made my mind up yet as to whether i'll invest any more of my time on it.
As a early teen during the Brat Pack era I had a huge crush on Rob Lowe so had to watch this. Not sure what to make of the first episode but will stick with it.
my head is part of my body
perhaps that is just me ....
I like it - as I know Boston Lincs

as a comedy I thought the one liners were OK ( much better than you see on AB but then ABers - beside Andie H - dont sell their output)
Weekend Magazine lists it as a comedy drama.
It was a bit stupid really... a head... where was her body? How did her and her mother years later, manage to get to the top of the windmill?? Surely they are very securely locked?!
Didn’t think much of the first episode but will persevere I thought the sound was bad but then I am a little deaf at least that’s what my wife says.
I would have thought that a wind strong enough to turn the vanes would have blown her off.
lodda pubs called - the Headless Miller ?
I dont think so

there is a pub in Darzet arrrrgh called the silent woman which has a sign of a leddy carrying her head !
( ref to the auncient St Juthwara who was decapitated, sixth century)

I think I must be overthinking this
Peter pedant. ..... there was a pub in Nantwich called The Headless Woman....... it had a statue of said headless woman, with head under her arm. Used to terrify me as a child.

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Wild Bill.

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