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xBriannax | 12:55 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | Media & TV
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I am nearing the end of my Sky Contract & evaluating what I watch, its mainly free channels & Sky Atlantic and I rarely watch live shows I prefer to record. Sky wants to put my subscription up to £80 a month which is ridiculous. Does anyone use Now TV or another on demand? Are they a good alternative? Is there a pause/rewind/FF facility on the Now Smart Box ( no info on their site about this). Thanks.


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13:32 Mon 15th Apr 2019
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talk talk is much maligned but i find their tv deal excellent
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aelmpvw I can only find packages on the Talk Talk site. I only want TV as I'm quite happy with my Broadband service with BT. BT TV is too expensive, with too many shows I would not watch.
Are you connected to cable?
I use NowTv and Netflix as I usually watch either Freeview channels or shows on Sky Atlantic or Fox and the occasional thing on Netflix. The way I do mine is that because you can cancel at anytime and restart the contracts at anytime with both services, I tend to activate them when there is something specific I want to watch, and deactivate them when there is nothing on. Ive not had NowTv on for about 8 months now but have activated it this week for G of T and got 4 months at £5 in an online offer. In answer to your question, there is a pause/rewind on catchup TV.
As you prefer to record your programmes you will need to buy a freeview recorder, I'd recommend a Humax.

To access Sky Atlantic you'd need to buy a Now TV device, you can pause and rewind on the Smart Box. You can't record Now TV channels as such but you can download them to an Android or Apple device, you must watch the downloads within 30 days.

I suggest you phone Sky before you do anything and see how much they will reduce your monthly bill if you cancel your Sky TV. They will probably charge more for the other parts of your contract such as broadband and telephone because you will not be subscribing to the full bundle.
If you threaten to leave Sky altogether they will almost certainly offer you a cheaper deal. Do your homework and see how much other suppliers will charge. You can do this easily on a comparison site:

I haggle every time they try to put the bill up and I always get a good discount
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dannyk13 I have fibre broadband and get around 70mb
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Scorpiojo Thanks for the link I've been looking all morning for those answers on the Now TV site. Extremely useful many thanks.
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hc I only have TV with Sky my broadband is with BT . I've been down the haggle route with Sky and they have offered me a 50% discount, which in reality is £10 more a month than I'm paying now as when the contract ends the 'special offer' I have ends too and goes up 60%. I find them very hard to deal with and have no need for 600 channels. Thanks for the reply though.
I don't understand why you are paying so much for what appears to be just the basic Sky channel. I only pay £42 per month for the basic channel plus Sky Sports. It may be that now Sky have been taken over, they are less open to negotiation.

tell them you are off and they'll give you a half price deal again. I do it every year, never paid full price.
I've got a Humax box and record the programmes I want to watch. I only use Freeview though. It has been brilliant for the last 3 years - I upgraded from one which I had for a long time. I can record 4 programmes at the same time if necessary.

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