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Smowball | 11:59 Mon 18th Feb 2019 | Media & TV
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I’ve clearly missed something since the last series, but why has the dynamic changed so much between Morse and Thursday? And why have they bought that new boss in, the one with the really bad attitude? Just doesn’t feel the same watching it now.


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After the death of George Fancy, Cowley station was shut down and the 'team' were split up. Fred Thursday carried the can somewhat for the death of Fancy and has been transferred to a much larger organisation in which he is not the biggest cog - Ronnie Box is. The team have, more or less, all been reunited and it remains to be seen how this will develop. I do agree with you, Smow, in that it doesn't feel the same - to me it feels like we are watching the slow death of something. However, it is still good tv and hope remains that our fav characters retrieve their former status before the end of this series.
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Oh I see! And what’s going on with Thursday and his wife??
Both Morse and Thursday have been demoted since the murder of PC Fancy and Cowley Police Station closed down with all the officers being moved to different stations - this reflects reality as the Oxford City Police was merged with Thames Valley Police.
So it's not just working from different divisions that has caused the rift between Morse and Thursday, but also the huge division between uniform and CID.
Thursday's wife is still very angry about Thursday losing their life savings when Thursday 'loaned' it all to his brother without consulting her.
If you recall, Smow, Thursday was all set to retire (or so his wife believed) and their life savings were meant to take them on holidays, etc. No wonder she's a bit miffed and it wouldn't surprise me to see old Fred go 'bent copper' to recoup some of those lost savings in an attempt to save his marriage. Which could maybe explain why he is never mentioned in the entire Morse series with John Thaw.
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Ohhh that explains it - I’d forgotten about the lost savings. Well I just hope that the series doesn’t die a slow death as I really really loved the last one.
Whenever a new series of an established show is due to start I use the denofgeek site to refresh my memory of the previous series.

I found it very useful for Peaky Blinders and it really helped my enjoy the last series. Must be my age, forgetting the intricacies of series.
I think that the plots in this series are very much better than in the previous ones.
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That’s a good idea hc...

Yes I agree lastnights plot was very good indeed.

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