Two Doors Down On Bbc I Player, All 3 Series

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SparklyKid | 14:33 Thu 10th Jan 2019 | Media & TV
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If you do not laugh at these you must be brain dead,lol.


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I have watched all of the series, I think it is very funny.
They are hilarious.
I love it. Have you watched the first episode of S4?
Just watched it on catchup. Very funny. Elaine C Smith.(Cristine) Trifle, it’s homemade. None of your shop bought Phish!! A reply to where Colin had his first Dominican Republic wedding dance “Did yees eye” basically Yeh Right. Who you trying to kid.

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Just watched series 4 ist episode, brilliant.
It is very well observed and very well acted -one of the best sit coms at the moment .
I must be brain dead then as I didn’t find it funny at all.
Love it !
No you aren't RR, I know people who don't like it and it's purely taste nothing to do with intelligence.

Humour is personal.
Was that explanation really necessary, I'm sure she doesn't really think she's braindead !
Conversation doesn't only include necessaries, it winds and turns in a sinuous fashion.
hereiam LOL!
Ooops, forgot - LOL
RR, I've seen a couple of episodes that I thought were hilarious - and a couple that I thought were absolute duds!
I don't think its a 'laugh a minute' show -its very observational humour and is bound to appeal to some and not others .
Indeed AL !

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Two Doors Down On Bbc I Player, All 3 Series

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