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maggiebee | 11:53 Thu 10th Jan 2019 | Media & TV
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Went to see this film yesterday and can understand why best performance at the Golden Globes by an actress in a motion picture was given to Olivia Colman. She played an outstanding part.

Must admit I knew nothing about her reign but have read up a bit about her today. She appears to have been much stronger than portrayed on film. Would be interested to hear what anyone else who has seen this film thinks.


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She had seventeen pregnancies and only one child lived more than a couple of years, and he died at 11. Very sad.
We’re going to see it next week Maggie, I don’t think ive ever seen anything with Olivia Coleman in that I didn’t enjoy, she’s great. Good to know you enjoyed the film.
I enjoyed the film - I am sure the historical inaccuracies will sail by most viewers, as they did me, but not my wife who is a serious history buff.

Some of the dialogue jarred - using the phrase 'O.K.' for example, and although the sexual dialogue is doubtless accurate, it's questionable as to whether omitting it would have harmed the narrative thread.

I am no prude at all, but I found the sexual language jarring, and as I said, unnecessary in my view - but as advised, Olivia Coleman's performance was wonderful/
We're off to see it next week. It's a period that isn't widely covered, someone once did a survey to find out how often in their school life a pupil 'does' the Romans, Normans, Tudors & Stuarts and WW1, other periods get far less coverage. I watched a series recently on PBS, a BBC production, of pre-Norman Britain and I did learn a lot.
My wife & I saw the movie on Thursday and like Maggie feel sure that Olivia will win an Oscar for her tremendous performance.We had seen a clip or two on T/V and felt that the whole film failed to live up to the hype,then most movies do when the best clips are used to publicise the film.Still enjoyed the experience and would recommend seeing it.
I agree with Davey maggie ^^ in that it didn't live up to the hype.
It's true, Olivia Coleman was very good. But the film didn't really 'flow' for me, it seemed very cut up and I found it hard to follow.

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