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Strictly Inappropriate?

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thesshhh | 07:25 Tue 16th Oct 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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Have you noticed the professional dance routines on Strictly - especially on the last two results shows - getting very raunchy? And they contain no Latin or ballroom, which is supposed to be the point of the show. Do you think such routines are apt for a family show, and that Strictly should be sexing it up?


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Can't say I'd noticed, the dances have always had an air of 'raunchy'.
don't you remember Ola in her cat suit and the dance that went with it?
I absolutely agree. Pathetic cheap attempt to win viewers. Nothing to do with Latin & Ballroom
hadn't noticed any change....and the pro and group dances have always been more show dance and less genre.
Yes, I watched a bit of the programme and saw the routine you refer to and know where you are coming from. It did surprise me.

However I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, and thought it far more entertaining than stuffy old ballroom dancing.
Actually this week's surprised me too. Mainly it was the dress and lighting of the main girl which made it look like her crotch and boobs were on fire!
I think there's a difference between Come Dancing, which was totally about skills of the dance, and Strictly which use "celebs" doing their best based on a particular dance and making a show of it as a spectacle.
Doesn't seem much different to the dance troops we used to get on TOTP.
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They’re now introducing contemporary and street dance along with Latin and ballroom, which is a shame
Top level dancing hardly needs 'sexing up' anyway, does it?

Victor Da Silva and Anna Melnikova are among the best competition dancers in the world. Their routines are certainly 'raunchy' but that's exactly what's needed at the highest level these days. (Things have moved on quite a bit since Peter West hosted the original 'Come Dancing'!):

So that's why it's called Come dancing!

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Strictly Inappropriate?

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