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Ken4155 | 23:03 Sun 14th Oct 2018 | Media & TV
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Just watched the first episode and am hooked. Looks like being quite a powerful drama with some excellent acting, particularly from the brother and sister. I have 4 children - 3 girls and a boy - and while i know i could've handled it if, when they were much younger, any one of them had 'come out' as gay. But if any of them had wanted to change their gender, i think i would have gone to pieces. Really looking forward to seeing this story develop.


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Set it to series record, good to hear a decent review so far Ken.
It was emotional.

My son is gay (not an issue) but I do think I would have struggled if he'd wanted to change gender.
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Very emotional, ummmm, especially at the end of the episode. An emotive subject treated very sympathetically, so far.
It was really good, can't wait till next Sunday.
My daughter and I had the same conversation, her boys are 12 and 14 now. We both said we wouldn't care less if they were gay but it would be a struggle to cope with gender change. There was a little boy in their primary school who wanted to be known as a girl and the school had an assembly to announce it and notified all parents. The kids hardly batted an eyelid, but I have to admit it was strange to see an obvious little boy dressed as a girl.
How times have changed.

My Mum would have told me not to be so stupid and would never spoken of it again, as im sure many Mums of that era would have.

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