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whiskeryron | 04:09 Wed 10th Oct 2018 | Film, Media & TV
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Is anyone on AB as fed up as I am with the present storyline re. Mick & The Carters family ?. I have given up watching ALL other soaps because of poor plots ? am now on the verge of giving up EE.


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..It is dragging and a bit silly
Eastenders has gone right down hill. It is all thugs and slags now.
miss the " get aht of my pub " stuff..the old bickering rivalries...replaced by gangs and gangsters..
I have watched since it first started and I am finding it so dire that I am gradually giving up, as it doesn’t seem to matter if you miss a week of two, it is still the same stupid storyline and so dull.
It's actually getting quite sinister.

But...when storylines happen too quickly people then moan about how unrealistic it is.
I have watched from the beginning too, don't want to stop as still love it but agree with some silly storylines, also watch Corrie, now a gangster in that too.
Normal people cant afford to live in the EE these days, unless its social housing. A river trip from Tower Piers to Greenwich is like waching millionaires row. Let us know when you give in.
I gave up a few weeks ago, whiskeryron.
Least Enders finished when your man was shot with a bunch of daffodils .
I gave up about 4 years ago but switched to it some months ago and my God - it is so depressing - I wouldn't watch it at all now. Same sad oul faces only more wrinklier and sad script.

The best of the soaps was the one they took off - Brookside.
EE gets more depressing with every episode.
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I agree with jennyjoan best soap ever was Brookside. Have decided, no more EE.
I think Emmerdale is the worst of the soaps now, absolutely crazy at the minute!
Yes Emmerdale is really bad at the mo. Every episode has some sort of warning about violence, upsetting blah blah and its on at 7pm, too early for that sort of stuff.

Loving Kim Tate, shes sooo funny even if i dont really understand the storyline.
I watch Holby and Casualty, and getting fed up with them too.
I can't take Kim Tate seriously as it seems no time since she was in Corrie playing a different type of character.
Will have to watch EE this week tho as dr leg is in it
Dr leg they would kneed some wan to cheer them up .its a long time shin he,s been in it are they pinning there hope on him
..i didnt know if he was still alive or not, but yes, he's 92 and obviously still in good health.

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