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lankeela | 16:02 Tue 14th Aug 2018 | Media & TV
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Saturday morning think it was BBC there was a funny little man with glasses who looked like a ventriloquist's dummy with his dad's suit on and his tie not straight and hair that looked like a syrup that had slipped. Can't find a picture but if that is the best they can do then what are we paying a licence fee for?


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Wasn't it Chris Mason?
ermmm what he says?
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Yes that's him, he was getting over excited about the launch of the NASA probe to the sun.
He is normally their Political Correspondent.

I guess at summer time when many people are on holiday they have to ask other presenters to stand in.

Anyway why do you think he is the "best they can do".

Why does every TV presenter need to be "tall dark and handsome" or an attractive female.
He looks fairly normal to a geeky kind of way.
I must say I rather like Chris Mason - he must have the most animated eyebrows of any presenter on TV. To be fair, he said he had just come back from his own holidays, so was probably still in holiday mode.
He is brilliant and knowledgeable unlike some of other Breakfast presenters.
Well, if you insist on watching the goggle-box in the deserve all you get!
Chris Mason from The Chris Mason Desk Of .....With Chris Mason by way of PM (Eddie Mair) on Radio4?

Top operative.
He looks normal to me.
I do like him, he brings a dry sense of humour to his politics pieces - he's currently presenting PM before they find a replacement for the irreplaceable Eddie Mair.
Eddie Mair isn't irreplaceable.

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