Sad Strictly

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DeeLicious | 08:11 Tue 14th Aug 2018 | Media & TV
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How very sad that Strictly Come Dancing is now stooping so low for contestants: Pathetic!


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Why "so low" Dee? I'd never heard of him but he is clearly well known to millions
Never heard of him and no idea if this is low but I should suspect they are running out of potential contestants it's been running so long
He is a very talented young man. Read your link, he's an author of the fastest selling graphic novel of all times. Rather see an intelligent young man like this than some overweight talentless hasbeen soapstar
I just want it to go away, normally I avoid programs I hate but err indoors watches this tish so I inevitably get to suffer it a bit! 7 days a kin week for 4 months! aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhh!
Very clever Strictly - he will bring a lot of new viewers to the show.
Existing fans aren't going to switch off , they don't really care who the celebs are as they get to know to them over the weeks.

Danny John-Jules is a real drawer, too, he is a much loved actor on both Death in Paradise and Red Dwarf, two very different fan bases.

So far, so good.
TTT's answer is predictable. Unless one lives in a one-roomed abode, it is clearly easy to avoid TV programmes that your OH likes and you (apparently) detest....
Stopped watching it years ago when it stopped being about the dancing and more about the faces. Used to like DJJ in red dwarf and wasn't he in Maid Marian and her merrie men many moons ago
Strictly producers have a dilemma every year - finding suitable 'celebrities' who will fit the profile, and are available for the shooting schedule, and finding new names to keep a young audience quotient in touch.

They seem to balancing those problem quite well it would seem.
My OH loves the programme and is grateful that I never moan about it being on even though I don't like it. (I quite enjoy it if I am honest, but pretending I don't holds me in good stead for the football.)
I love Strictly, but will find it very hard to watch this year due to Brendan not being in it. As far as I'm concerned, no-one can jive like him ...
Whoever is in it is irrelevant to me. I never know who most of them are anyway - but that doesn't stop me enjoying the programme.

hereIam, I'm sorry Brendan's gone too.
He was the best pro. for me naomi ...
i have nothing against Danny John-Jules but surely it isn't fair to include people who have professional dancing experience?
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Katie Piper is appearing, that is one brave woman.. i applaud her on every level.

Am I bothered?
No I'm not, never seen it.
never will.

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Sad Strictly

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