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coldstream-1971 | 19:27 Wed 06th Jun 2018 | Media & TV
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Is anybody else getting fed up with the world cup trailers both ITV and BBC seem to be intent on bombarding the viewer with?
Giving our previous performances I don't see England get past the 2nd round


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Soccer......a game with a ball played by 2 teams of eleven players.......and the Germans win.......
Ken... Every FOUR years, someone has to have a whinge.

Just wait 'til they actually kick-off and soaps are shifted to accommodate the matches... we'll never hear the end of it then.
Don't care if it is every four years, it's still too often !!! We WILL lose (as per) and favourite programmes will all be rescheduled because of this boring sport AND the final will be shown on both main channels which is ludicrous as only one channel can be watched at a time ...

That a good enough whinge for you ken ??
Why 2 question marks for just the one question? See, not hard, is it? Oops, there i go again. The total number of hours given over to live soccer on terrestrial tv on a a yearly basis pales significantly in comparison to the amount given to;
a) Soaps with barely believable plots
b) Cookery progs
c) Reality progs in which the contestants are encouraged to 'get it on' with each other
d) Compilation programmes of all the above and what goes wrong in them

Give us footy fans a break will you?
No !
Has anyone seen my octopus....
Well then, i hope when they take Corrie* off for the footy, they forget to put it back on when the tournament is over. That'll teach you :-)
*Though i mentioned Corrie, I could have gone with any/all of the following brain-dead tv; Enders, Emmerdale, Doctors, Bake Off, Naff Off, Mary Bleedin Berry, Gino De Whathisname, Love Island, Take Me Out, Leave Me In, ad infinitum.
Aww carry on ranting ken. Won't change my mind.
You might not change your mind. But you WILL have to change your channels. Ha! Haha! Hahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, i've wet meself :-/

7 days .....................................and counting..........................
I will fit some football around some of the other sport, hopefully some cricket and golf. The IoMTT Is on as well. Apart from that it will be the documentary channel.
//When both sides have been in and out,
including the not outs,
the winner is declared.....if there is one!//

More likely it's declared a draw after 4 days
I need my fix of '1966' memories and glum commentator faces as they relive glory days and think of what could have been.
Is that little ray of sunshine Mr Lawrenson still employed?

"Viewers in Scotland have their own programmes". :-)
Of rain.Can't stand cricket. My PE teacher at school wrote on my report; Cricket; picks a fine daisy-chain. Though to be fair, i was miles away one afternoon, my mind certainly not on the game when i heard my name being shouted. I turned to see this spherical object flying through the ai,r at head height,so i put my hand up to save myself from being decapitated - and caught the ball. A hero for a few seconds:-)
According to my Troop Commander, because of my utter dislike of the game, i was the most un-English Englishman he had ever met.
Blimey STILL ranting ken lol lol ....

Just a reminder we will NOT win ..... !

Go on have the last word, I wont be back. Hope you've changed your wet pants.
It's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts!
rowanwitch Has anyone seen my octopus....

Sorry rowan, Paul the octopus has lost his job it's now Suri the meerkat that does the predictions.

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