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coldstream-1971 | 20:27 Wed 06th Jun 2018 | Media & TV
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Is anybody else getting fed up with the world cup trailers both ITV and BBC seem to be intent on bombarding the viewer with?
Giving our previous performances I don't see England get past the 2nd round


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Well done Coldstream.Always good to be positive!
I don't see England get past the 2nd round

Of course England will get past the second round, Wayne Rooney doesn't play for England anymore.
Er, is there some footie coming up then?

(I've not watched telly for over a month and, although I've been involved in running local football teams and refereeing at that level, I simply don't enjoy football as a spectator sport).
///Always good to be positive!///

... but not complacent !
Buenchico Er, is there some footie coming up then?

Er yes, Chris. A few matches to be played in Russia.
A far more important schedule, Tony:

Can't get my head around cricket though, Chris. I don't think that I understand the rules.
It's easy, Tony:

You have two sides,
one out in the field and one in.
Each man that's in the side that's in goes out,
and when he's out he comes in,
and the next man goes in until he's out.

When they are all out,
the side that's out comes in,
and the side that's been in goes out,
and tries to get out those coming in.
Sometimes you get men still in and not out.

When both sides have been in and out,
including the not outs,
the winner is declared.....if there is one!
Every FOUR years, someone has to have a whinge. Sean Dyche give me strength :-/
Many thanks for that, Chris. You have made it sound so simple !.
You forgot one Chris. The last man off the pitch has the job of waking the crowd up and turning the lights out when they've gone.
The Sky advert is very good. Jeff Stelling talks about it in all different languages (with subtitles) with the different flags of the countries scrolling behind him. Then the final announcement is in Cyrillic writing, that merges into English.
Very original I thought.
If we win it'll be Sir Gareth Southgate
Surely Lord, Hopkirk.
If we win, he'll have to be called Jesus, surely! For gambling purposes, i have studied all the groups and, while we should have few problems qualifying out of the group (behind Belgium), i have us going out in the quarter-final against.........................................Germany. So, what else is new? :-(
Grrrroan..telly schedules all c***ed up because of footie ....
^ you mean you can find something worth watching minty?
mm, you've qualified to be included in my 21:04 post :-)
I didn't realise it was so close until about a day ago, so, no, not fed up.

I can understand Chris' position; it's hard to get some kip sometimes.

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